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Dress Code

Michael S. Schwenger Dining Room
Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket for lunch and dinner. Ladies must be appropriately dressed. Jackets are not required for the months of June, July and August.

All Other Areas of the Club 
Smart casual for lunch or dinner. Jackets or smart sweaters are acceptable, shirts with collars, tailored slacks, no tie is required. Tailored denim may be worn in the Fairclough Lounge, UpLounge or privately booked rooms. Athletic wear, sports shoes are not acceptable. “Patio Friendly” dress (tailored shorts, smart sandals) is appropriate for The Terrace.

Papers, Briefcases, Laptops

Members and guests may use laptop/tablets, take briefcases and/or display papers in any room with the exception of the Michael S. Schwenger Dining Room.

Cell Phones

Phone calls are permitted in private meeting rooms and the phone booth. Cellular phones are prohibited elsewhere in the common areas of the Club. Members may use other smart phone services in a quiet and mutually respectful manner.